Monday, September 9, 2013

US Infantry WiP

The first 20 Warlord plastic US Infantry are nearly finished.  Okay, they're still glossy, but the humidity is too high to spray Dullcoat right now. 

These will be part of my demo force for teaching Bolt Action, and I was aiming for a reasonable tabletop quality.  I think they'll work pretty well after I apply some matte varnish and dull them down. 

Since I had just taken Justin McCoy's (misterJustin and Secret Weapon Miniatures) airbrushing class at the NOVA Open, I wanted to try my hand at airbrushing figures. I was able to complete the trousers, jackets, and backpacks exclusively with my trusty Grex Tritium airbrush.  Again, aiming for tabletop quality, I didn't try any complicated shading with the airbrush, but I was psyched to be able to get the quality I achieved in only a couple hours of airbrushing and about 5 more of hand painting. 

Enjoy the WiP photos. 

I used some pigment to create a 5-o'clock shadow on the NCO.