Monday, June 18, 2012

WIP - Nebelwerfer

Thought I share a photo of my nebelwerfers nearing completion.  For these, I've been experimenting with MIG pigments, and I'm fairly happy with the results.

Base Markings

While playing Flames of War, especially with my Fallschirmjager company, I was mixing up which stands went with a given platoon.

FJ Command Team

I experimented with painting different color base borders, adding stripes or other painted identifiers, but I simply didn't like the way it looked.  Then, I borrowed (well, stole) a tip from my best buddy.  He works with a lot of 28 mm, and to distinguish a commander or special unit from the rest of a platoon, he uses some kind of unique scenery on the base - a flower, shrub, rock...

Using this basic idea, I added specific scenery to each of my FJ platoons - one is a "red" platoon and the other "white."  Using miniNature Short Blossom Tufts Summer (Product Code 726-22 S), I added a red blossom to each of the "red" squads and a white blossom to the "white" squads.  A third platoon can have no blossoms, if I ever get those painted.

I purchased the blossom tufts through Scenic Express

Some sample photos are below.  The first photo didn't quiet capture all the white blossoms like I hoped.

Command and three squads from both "red" and "white" platoons
Command and the complete "red" platoon
Company command and other independent teams don't have color markings, since they don't belong to any given platoon.  Below is one of the FJ observer teams based as an independent team.

FJ observers (independent) team

Some additional photos of the squads are below.

I tend to keep the colored blossoms toward the back of the base, where I can see them from my side of the game table.

Hope this gives some ideas for basing your FoW or other platoon-based figures.