Monday, December 30, 2013

Holiday WIP

It's been a little too long since I posted anything new, so here's a couple shots of the projects on the bench. 

I realized I had a few too many partially finished projects, so I've decided to move them all forward together.  With the bit of a break from work over the holidays, I was able to move some things along. Although, nothing is finished yet. 

I was playing with some geometric hard-edge camo on the Blitzkreig Miniatures Marder II. 

And, I'm finally working on some of the Warlord Ruined Farmhouse kits. 

Wednesday, December 11, 2013

4Ground Signs WIP

I'm taking a short break from a couple of my bigger projects to work on some simple scenery. 

Although none of this will be award winners, with some flock and a little weathering they'll make nice additions to the table top. These pieces are all from 4Ground's 28 mm range. 

I did have some fun with the sign posts; I wanted to have a sign that was truly plausible. So, with a little research, I came up with this post for a "T" intersection in Lison, France: 22 km to Carentan, 19 km to Saint Lo, and 56 km to Caen. 

The other sign is a mini poster from my friend, John. It's the "A Tous les Francais" and ends with "Vive La France!."  

All of these will fit nicely in Normandy scenery when they're done. 

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Warlord PaK 40

Here are some photos of my recently completed Warlord PaK 40 with Fallschirmjager crew. .

I used a new base from Sarrisa Precision which was given to me to test by my friend, Scott. Link:

Each of the figures can be removed on their own base. That allows me to mark casualties or change out the whole crew. I'm planning to make a German Heer crew to use instead of my Fallschirmjager when using the Heer army.  

It's hard to tell the size in the photos, but the large base is 120 mm diameter (nearly 5 inches).

Enjoy the photos. 

Monday, December 2, 2013

Paper shingles

Just a quick update today. 

I tried some scale paper shingles on the 4Ground guard shack in 28mm.  Tedious but a cool result, I think. 

Now to paint and weather it. 

Thanks to my buddy, John, for the idea and my father for the shingles to test out.