Wednesday, December 23, 2015


I picked up an inexpensive (and inoperative) Lionel O-scale locomotive at the York Train Collectors Association meet.  Instead of using it as is, I wanted to give it a bit of a European WWII feel.  It's not a truly historic example but representative of the locomotives one would find in Western Europe in the 40s.

The conversion was simple and used some plasticard, a couple toothpicks, and some scrap from a plastic model sprue.  I think the results work great for a wargame table.

Pegasus Bridge

I completed the Sarissa Precision's Pegasus Bridge.  The model went together very well, and it is the best laser cut wood model I've ever made.  The joints were well cut with the exact right amount of clearance for assembly, and there was almost no need to part clean up.

Sarissa Precision:

Below are several photos of the assembly from different angles and some of the individual pieces.  Enjoy.