Wednesday, July 15, 2015


I wanted to give you a quick review of my new Battlemarkers for Bolt Action. These custom pin markers and turn counters are fantastic!  I ordered 30 German and 30 Soviet pin markers and a turn marker set two days ago. They shipped right away and arrived today.

They are a great size to see on the tabletop and easy to pick up. I never realized how hard it was to pick up my previous, flat pin markers, until I tried these. The Battlemarkers have a kind of lip to them that makes them so easy to handle. 

Battlemarkers has a huge variety of nationalities on the markers, and I know I'll be buying more sets for my armies. 

I truly recommend these markers. Check them out at

Note: some people always ask if I'm reviewing a product I was given for free in exchange for a favorable review. This is not the case.  I purchased these at retail price, and this is an honest review and not a "review for product" exchange.