Saturday, August 24, 2013

V2 Rocket

I painted the Pegasus Hobbies 1:48 scale V2 Rocket in the black and white "checkerboard" pattern. This will be used as an objective for 28 mm WWII skirmish - Bolt Action and others.

All paints are Vallejo Air, and everything thus far was done with a Grex airbrush. 

Primed White and then painted white over the primer. 

Then the areas to be left white were masked off using blue painter's tape and a lot of patience. 

Airbrushed black and carefully removed the masking after the paint had dried a little but not completely setup. 

Note, the last photo has a Warlord Bolt Action 28 mm figure (which I just primed today) for scale.  The V2 needs a little touch up, and I need to finish the launch stand, but, overall, it's ready for the table. 

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