Saturday, August 24, 2013

V2 Rocket

I painted the Pegasus Hobbies 1:48 scale V2 Rocket in the black and white "checkerboard" pattern. This will be used as an objective for 28 mm WWII skirmish - Bolt Action and others.

All paints are Vallejo Air, and everything thus far was done with a Grex airbrush. 

Primed White and then painted white over the primer. 

Then the areas to be left white were masked off using blue painter's tape and a lot of patience. 

Airbrushed black and carefully removed the masking after the paint had dried a little but not completely setup. 

Note, the last photo has a Warlord Bolt Action 28 mm figure (which I just primed today) for scale.  The V2 needs a little touch up, and I need to finish the launch stand, but, overall, it's ready for the table. 

Saturday, August 17, 2013

WWII Reference Photos - Tank Fest 2013

Today (17 August, 2013) was the annual open house for the Americans in Wartime Museum held in Nokesville, VA USA.  This is the fourth year I've attended, and this year this was more military hardware than any of the previous years.  Most of the equipment is from WWII, although you'll see some more modern vehicles mixed in.

Below is the photo dumps from the open house.  These make great reference photos for any armor modeler or WWII war gamer.


T34 85

USA Equipment - Note 'Doughboy' pack with integrated shovel

Hand pump fire extinguisher for USA Jeep trailer
Great shot of bent fender - this was on the M36 Tank Destroyer
Equipment at the U.S. 101st camp

U.S. Light mortar

Universal Carrier
British Valentine Exhaust Detail

German rifles and equipment
German Panzerschreck and Panzerfaust
German Uniform examples
German Mortar - 81mm, I believe

U.S. Marine Fire Team Demo

U.S. Flamethrower

Flamethrower Demo
Flamethrower demo

German Hetzer

German BMW Motorcycle and sidecar (replica, I believe)
Grant (or Lee?)