Tuesday, October 1, 2013

U.S. Infantry

I finished the first two squads of Warlord's Bolt Action U.S. Infantry. 

These are from their plastic range, and I am very happy with the variability of poses, heads, and weapons. 

This batch of figures was the first time I attempted to use an airbrush to paint elements of the models. In this case, I painted the trousers, jackets, and backpacks using my Grex Tritium airbrush.  Note, below the photos, I provide the color scheme I used. 

All colors are Vallejo Model Color except as noted. 

Trousers: 873 US Field Drab
Jackets, blouses, anklets: 988 Khaki
Boots, helmet straps: 984 Flat Brown
Backpack, webbing, ammo pouches: 886 Green Grey
Helmet: 887 Brown Violet
Tool handles, rifles: 875 Beige Brown
Metal: P3 Pig Iron

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