Wednesday, December 11, 2013

4Ground Signs WIP

I'm taking a short break from a couple of my bigger projects to work on some simple scenery. 

Although none of this will be award winners, with some flock and a little weathering they'll make nice additions to the table top. These pieces are all from 4Ground's 28 mm range. 

I did have some fun with the sign posts; I wanted to have a sign that was truly plausible. So, with a little research, I came up with this post for a "T" intersection in Lison, France: 22 km to Carentan, 19 km to Saint Lo, and 56 km to Caen. 

The other sign is a mini poster from my friend, John. It's the "A Tous les Francais" and ends with "Vive La France!."  

All of these will fit nicely in Normandy scenery when they're done. 

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