Monday, June 17, 2013

Hetzer Complete

My Warlord Hetzer is finished - weathered, decals, and varnished. This will be hitting the table at the upcoming Bolt Action tournament at Historicon in July. 

I'm really pleased with the rain streaks, which I applied a second time over the decals to help blend them to the vehicle. 

The paint scheme is as follows: (all colors are Vallejo Air or Model Color unless indicated). 

Primer: German Dark Yellow RAL 7028
Base coat: Dark Yellow 71.025
Brown camo: Tank Brown 71.041
Green camo: Tank green 71.011
Tracks: German Grey 995 with AK enamel Track Wash and dry brushed Gunmetal Grey 70863
Weathering: AK Dark Streaking Grime, Mig Europe Dust, Mig Track Brown, Mig Standard Rust, Mig Light Rust, and Mig Black Smoke

1 comment:

  1. stunning work, is going to rock the wargames table
    Peace James