Saturday, April 14, 2012

Barbed Wire Prototype

Here are some photos of the prototype for barbed wire obstacles.  These are designed to meet the standard size for Flames of War - 8" X 2" base.  The base is made from vinyl floor tile cut to size.

Since these are just concepts, there is no paint on them or basing/flocking material.  Comments and suggestions are welcome.

I started with "Floral Wire" purchased at Michael's Arts and Crafts and a 3/8" wooden dowel.

Floral Wire and Dowel

I made two versions.  First, I doubled the wire and twisted the two strands of wire around itself to give the barbed wire some thickness and texture.  Twisting the two pieces together took time and, of course uses twice as much wire.  Using the 3/8" wooden dowel, I wound the wire tightly around the dowel.

Two strands of wire twisted together and wound around dowel.

At 15 mm scale, I don't know if it's worth going through the extra step shown above and using twice as much wire.  

My second attempt used a single strand of wire; this single strand was wound around the same 3/8" dowel.  

The results using a single strand can be seen below.  This section is mounted to the base, and I've added a couple different versions of posts - the "X" type and straight posts.  

Single wire strand with fence post prototype

Another view of the prototype

Feedback is welcome.

I'll be working up some more complete prototypes shortly and will post photos. After the barbed wire, I plan to do minefields and tank barriers (dragon teeth).

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  1. I think it does need the double stranded - that way you can basecoat the wire in eg gunmetal, weather it with a rust coloured wah, then pick out the "barbs" with silver/steel/aluminium.

    Florists wire may be too thick for double stranded - you can get thinner wire from bead or jewelery shops that would work better