Monday, March 26, 2012

Battlefront Panzer IV

Here are a couple photos of the first Panzer IV-H I completed.  Sorry for the less than perfect focus; I'm still trying to get my camera to take a good close up of the 1/100 scale models.

This is a Panzer IV-H from Battlefront.  Overall, these are a fairly simple build, except for adding the Schurzen.  That has several parts (6 per side), including 4 individual brackets.  I went a little overboard and added the pink piping on the shoulder boards of the commander.

Here's an additional view.  Note the battle damage; this one has seen some machine gun fire. 

The three color camo was done with a stippling method using a brush instead of an air brush.  After the model was painted, I brushed on a gloss coat and used a black ink "magic wash."  I applied the decals using Solvaset.  After everything was dry, I sprayed the whole model with Testor's Dull Coat.

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